Rev. Cindy Carlisle


Dave Davis

Financial Secretary

Bob Diss, CAGO


Worship Arts Coordinator

Christy Johanson

Rev. Cindy Carlisle

Pastor Cindy began serving as our Interim Minister in September of 2019.  She graduated from McCormick Theological Seminary and has served churches in Wisconsin, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Cindy is married to Dave and they have three children – Erica, Elizabeth and Ben.  Erica is married to Andy and they have two boys – Will and Jake.  Besides her family, she loves music, food, teen fiction, thinking with people and being goofy with kids (not necessarily in that order).

Her view of Christian discipleship is this: “In gratitude for God’s grace, we strive to be holy people who love God, each other, our neighbors, the stranger and even our enemies. As we do, we become ever more attentive to God’s presence amidst the beauty and suffering in the created and ever more intentional in living in communion with God and one another.”  She hopes that Christ’s church always strengthens and encourages us on this journey.

In addition to the usual duties of a pastor, Cindy will be leading us through a visioning process.  Please watch for opportunities to participate. Cindy is looking forward to learning about Woodstock, the ministries of our congregation, and each of our members and friends.

Pastor Cindy may be reached at or at (815) 338- 2627.